A smidge more done today.

I managed to get some painting done twice, some just after breakfast, whilst waiting for the BT Engineer (more on that later) and then after the kids went to bed.

As you can see from the image above, my spear points are nowhere near the level of my jungle vines. I will attempt to do something with them. I cut the pikes down from full length to half length as did the original conquistadors. However it looked a bit naff just as a pole. I do in fact live in awe of people who can actually sculpt the figures, never mind the spear points.

Some other Fabbo news…

My tank and scary flower came… Whooppee!!!

The tank and Triffid are a nice size..

They also came with a free 28mm figure… Alternative Armies were adding a ghostly bride to everyone’s order

Some skulls completed the order from them…

But there’s more…

My Tin Soldier Aztecs came too!

And there is even MORE!!!

David from over on TIM (The Imperfect Modeller) A great blog: https://theimperfectmodeller.wordpress.com/ it is well worth a look.

Well anyway he very kindly passed on to me some 15mm minis that he had been given, so a mega big thank you to him.

I haven’t had a chance to have a proper look, but there are some pikemen, 2 cannon and crew and some mounted and command types too.

So that was the awesome part if the day, the rest was a bit frustrating… the BT Engineer who was supposed to come this morning hadn’t arrived by 19.00 tonight.

What makes it worse is that today was my last day of leave and the weather for once was nice (it’s been raining most days and blowing a hooligan …it is again!). The family could have gone out and done something but No. So I phone up BT and some oik told me it was nothing to do with them and that I would have to phone up Openreach… he gave me a number to call… which was no longer in service.

I eventually managed to get hold of them via their chat service! A nice pretendy lady (most of them are automated these days, the chat, not the ladies) told me that no Engineer had been requested from BT…. so back to them I went… A lovely real life lady tried her best to find out what was going on, but by this time it was past 20.00 and most if her colleagues had gone home. But according to her the Engineer had been requested and he had done the work…..

She is phoning me back tomorrow.

Why did I need the Engineer…. Well we got Broadband here when we moved in… sitting at roughly 0.5 mbs. We are never going to get mega speeds where we areBut over time the ageing infrastructure is starting to effect things. We now get 0.3 if we are lucky, often 0.02 if we get any at all.

BT have been next to useless. Not the engineers or most of the help staff, but BT themselves. It will cost them too much money to upgrade our little hamlet. We are however paying the same as everyone else. Their answer… Leave! We tried, however they have a monopoly on the exchange it would seem and we cannot. The one time we could have done, then the new company refused to take us on due to the crap infrastructure.

We looked into satellite Broadband, but the bandwidth options weren’t much use.

Both of my wife and I can work from home, technically but with the speeds we are getting we are forced to travel into Lerwick to work from there.

Apologies for the rant….. I am calm, I am calm, I am calm.

Anyway today’s painting was brought to you by…

Or Acapulco as I have been calling it all night. A really silly film to watch as all speech is subtitled! I reckon my paint usage has quadrupled tonight as it kept drying up before I got to use it.

A bit of a silly film, although I do like it. But as I was painting conquistadors, I thought why not.

Tomorrow I hope to be calmer and get more stuff painted….I think ‘The Road to Eldorado’ tomorrow night.

It has an Aztec kind of a twist…

5 thoughts on “HOTT Conquistadors VII

  1. Glad the figures arrived OK and hope they are of some use. Had similar sagas with BT over the years. Not as remote as you, well we are on the mainland, but infrastructure and “cannot do attitude” have given nothing but grief. Sorted it in the end by emailing the BT CEO. There is a website that lists all Chairman and CEO email addresses. If you complain at the top it usually cascades down and people sort things. Has always worked for me but bottom up and you get pushed from pillar to post. Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had such a trying day! But at least some figures arrived! I like the plant! And you’ve been a bad influence ’cause I’ve ordered two of those Da Vinci tanks to try out with a 20mm Chinese steampunk army (well, whenever I get round to it)!

    Liked by 1 person

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