Managed some painting again….

These are not in their coats, so they are basically red uniform, black hat and white gaiters. I have seen some depictions of the gaiters being black, but as everything else in this force is white it might look a little odd.

They are sitting drying as I just shoved a dark red wash over them. Tomorrow I will paint the dragon red and then highlight with the bright red.

Hopefully they won’t take very long to do…. famous last words???

The artillery will get a dark wash, and highlighted with a lighter blue. Metal work on the carriage is black with a bronze barrel. Again…shouldn’t take that long.

I have actually fired a 12lb cannon (minus ball) I helped crew a gun when not messing about as a cavalryman. I faced said gun as a British Light infantrymen a couple of years before. It was much more fun firing the thing than watching it go boom towards you!

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