So tonight I made a start on the trio of undead cavalry. All are riding skeletal horses so that was a speedy paint job. Sadly too speedy as I got it places where I didn’t want it and only really noticed when I went to paint the various bits of cloth…

So this is where I got to… I actually ended up spending time watching a programme where there is a competition to build doll’s houses. Otherwise I would have bit further on than this.

I went into Town today with the kids and ended up in the toy shop to get some replacement paint as some more of mine is running out…

Rant Alert

So whilst grabbing my pot of paint I was browsing the various GW miniatures and came across a single plastic space marine miniature and then noticed the price… I nearly cacked myself £25! I mean I knew GW pricing was dodgy, but FFS £25 for a single miniature,  that is just so wrong on so many levels. Uness they melted down the mould after doing the run then that is obscene.

This is coming from someone who once spent £40 on a pile of miniatures to get two that were out of production. Here is one of them…super, super rare…

I am so glad that I dropped out of that system a long time ago, I still have the original Mordheim rules as well as Necromunda and did toy with the idea of revamping them using whatever miniatures I have lying around.

I had the vapours spending £25 on a Pile more Flintloque miniatures, so god help me if I ever got into 40k.

4 thoughts on “Undead Cavalry

  1. Nice undead cavalry figs, I like the tone you’ve got on the bones! We watch the Dolls house thing too, it’s the final tonight, my money is on the Wargamer!

    £25.00 for a single figure is ridiculous!

    Cheers Roger.


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