Tonight I did a bit of sorting out on the two lancers. I touched up the bits that needed painting. I also selected a colourful regimental flag…

Upon saying the above, I just remembered the sword arm needs a bit of red on the cuff.

Tomorrow I hope to get a good start on the hussar. I can’t be bothered tonight as I have had what could best be described as ‘one of those days’ … a career change is being plotted.

12 thoughts on “Lancers Done

  1. “One of those Days”, yup I have one of those at least once a week, still not actively looking, but not saying no to talking with new companies. Here’s hoping tomorrow bring sunshine and rainbows!

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  2. Well, I was going to say “Oooh, nice minis!” but now “Oooh, a career change?” seems more appropriate! Hope you get the chance to unwind a bit, out near the cake fridge sounds like a good place to go!


  3. I really like the banners on these minis and I can only speak for the US, but education is a really tough field with a high turnover rate. I tip my hat to those who can stay in the field and do their jobs well but I wouldn’t blame anyone for looking elsewhere either!

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