Yes this evening I got the leader of the 666th line finished. ..

He was a simple miniature to paint apart from some wierd bits where his sword scabbard met his legs behind him. There was no gap there, just metal. I simply painted it in as his tunic.

I went for yellow on his eyes, added the pupil then regretted it… they looked brighter without the black dot.

When I got in from work I had a mess around with another couple of flags whist having a cup of coffee…

My mate can decide which one, if any he fancies.

And finally, tomorrow I start on these three…

They will need undercoating tomorrow morning, so hopefully I will get a wiggle on tomorrow evening.

2 thoughts on “Zoltan Joins In

    1. Cheers David. These are for my mate, but I have painted up all of mine recently for Silver Bayonet. I really just like painting them… I must have a couple of hundred at least. I have played Flintloque but never really got into it. To be fair to the system I played it in the 90’s when it first came out. My mate wants them as we are going to do an RPG in the Witchlands, funnily enough l was going to do one based on a Witchlands invasion in the rest of the continent… so you could play any race and battle the undead. I planned to use Savage Worlds rules for mine.


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