Tonighti managed to get the Wolves and Goblin finished as well as pretty much do the same with the elf and dwarf…

I was going to put them on a base I already have, but I think I will make something a bit bigger.

Today was more papering, I managed another wall even though my back and legs were giving me gyp. We had to go and buy more paper as we had a change of ideas.. I think we made the right choice. I am hoping to get the rest of the lounge done tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Diorama Miniatures Painted

  1. Likewise Steve, like the lads we all love a diorama. My dad was a builder long ago and the thing I hated most when I worked for him was wall papering!! I remember he once did a room and put it upside down !!!it was a strange pattern from the 80’s, I commented, he said no the old girl wont notice!!! he was pissed having to do it the right way up after funnily enough she did notice!! Never touch the stuff myself!!!


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