Whatever happened to ‘Forgotten Forces Friday’ Wednesday

Yeah, with being off work and then with the run up to New Year I forgo all about FFF.

So to make amends and to allow me to return these to their box in the shed I give you Sci Fi Zombies.

These fine chaps were part of a role play game for Necropolis. They were a mix of GW plastic zombies and catachan jungle fighters.

A great setting by my mate Wiggy. It is a military Sci Fi system set on the Planet Salus and is the final place where mankind has a hold. The Rephaim ( the dead ones) are an alien race of undead beings whose sole aim is to exterminate all life on Salus.

The players take on the role of a soldier of the Sacri Ordines of the third Reformation Church and are instrumental in the crusade to hold back the undead.

I really enjoyed playing this, it isn’t, however, a game where you should get too attached to your character. What with the undead and the corporations trying to undermine the church and each other, then it is a pretty deadly campaign setting.

My character was a knight Scout of the Ordo Templi Novi (Templars). Somehow I survived even though I had taken the sacred vow ‘Non Receptus, Non Concedere’ no retreat, no surrender.

A good write up of the setting can be found here.


Forgotten Forces Friday

Flaming Harriets… how can it be Friday again?

Anyway these forgotten forces were not found in the shed or the house for that matter. I had loaned them to a colleague who taught science in the primary schools and shared my office. He retires today and returned them. To be honest I had totally forgotten all about them!

So here we go…..

These will join the rest of my Magister dinosaurs.

Parasaurolophus (my favourite dinosaur)

T Rex


Triceratops (second favourite)



Velociraptors to the left

Troodon to the right.

These need a proper undercoat and then painted up!

This is some of the rest. The human hunters are for a little game we play… hunt the specific dinosaur, tag it and wait for retrieval!

And finally a bonus set of ‘warriors’

Snowball Wars by Okum Arts. These come out every winter for a grudge match…it normally starts out 2 on 2 but usually ends up three against me!

Forgotten Forces Friday

Another delve into the cardboard boxes in the shed located these fine fellows…

This is about as far as I got with them 😟

I also have some cavalry and chariots.

There are another two full boxes of infantry, some cavalry and more chariots as well as various metal minis too!

I honestly don’t know if I will ever finish them. I can’t actually remember when I got them the cavalry and chariots are Wargames Factory, before they disappeared. The price on the label is £17.00 for the cavalry set, which isn’t bad for 12 mounted figures.

I decided that plaid was a really good idea, so went to town. Thankfully not on everyone!

Didn’t manage anything on Rogipoos tonight. Tomorrow I am playing with a digger so not sure what state I will be in in the evening 🤔

Friday’s Forgotten Forces

By heck it is round to Friday again.

Braving winds and heavy rain I fought my way to the shed to locate something forgotten…. it wasn’t hard they were sitting in full view on the mini shelves I made out of scrap wood from the builders yard in Lerwick.

I remember really enjoying painting these chaps. They are for Science versus Pluck, not the main forces as they are in 10mm. These chaps are there for if things get tricky and a player is forced to resort to hand to hand.

The idea is that the player faces a random number of attackers who are trying their best to fill said player full of holes. The various sergeants and other ranks are there to help out depending on what their personalities their character has. A beloved officer will have a rescue force, a hated Officer will find very quickly if he is spear proof as the other ranks look the other way.

The rules themselves are somewhat Kriekspeil in their design. The players are all against an umpire or two who operate the terrain and the enemies. It is definitely not a case of I go, you go. Turns vary in length from hours to minutes and indeed in my campaign I am organising (well I started yonks ago) the allied forces begin the campaign in Blighty…they will need to organise forces to relieve Khartoum but from the Red Sea port of Suakim. One day I might actually get to run it. I have played a couple of games and the rules worked well.

So onto the forgotten forces…

British officers and other ranks:

Hussars and an intrepid reporter for the Illustrated Gazette

Some of the gentlemen whose aim is to fill the above full of holes…

There are also a pile of camel mounted ansar seen in the first photograph (not to mention a pile of undercoated infantry).

Because I am a wargamer, whilst looking at these photos I realise that there are some gaps.. naval brigade, a Gardner gun if for no other reason that it can jam after firing seventy rounds… Mounted officers, civilians etc….

All of the above models are Peter Pig 15mm miniatures. I toyed with the idea of going for Perry 28mm’s but decided to keep the scale smaller.

We as we are mentioning the Sudan war of 1885…

The sand of the desert is sodden red,
Red with the wreck of a square that broke;
The Gatling’s jammed and the colonel dead,
And the regiment blind with dust and smoke.
The river of death has brimmed his banks,
And England’s far, and Honour a name,
But the voice of the schoolboy rallies the ranks,
“Play up! play up! and play the game!”

To be fair the square didn’t break, it opened up and let the enemy in, and it was a Gardner that jammed, not a Gatling…but now I am being a pedant….

Forgotten Forces Friday

Well Friday is here again and there are more troops that haven’t seen the light of day for who knows how long…

These are some of my troops for my Lion Rampant army. I know the shield was pretty much gone by Agincourt but I reckon these chaps found some and put them to good use. These Perry boxes are really good value as there was enough in the box for a whole army (only some are shown here). I also ordered some French, these however never got finished…

My idea was to mix and match and get a bit of flexibility… sadly Perry’s plastics didn’t have the necessary plastic cavalry so I had to use 15th century mounted troops. The good news is that I recently heard that they are coming out sometime in the not too distant future.

Finally for tonight. My Bidowers for both Dragon and Lion Rampant.

I found these GW minis fitted quite nicely (a bit larger) with the historical troops.

Next week I will see what else I can find in the boxes in the cupboard….

Friday’s Forgotten Forces

Ooh I like a bit of Aliteration before bed…

Well after 90 day’s straight with a post every day, tonight I get caught up with things and don’t manage to get one up in time. Poop, poot and buggeration!

Anyway having a mooch about I came across some forgotten figures that haven’t seen the light of day for a couple of years at least.

So this Friday’s forgotten forces are my Colonial Marines and their little friend, or rather big friend.

The miniatures are by Prodos and sad to say I bought the game second hand before some people even got their kickstarter pledge. The only extras I have purchased was a set of face huggers. One day I may purchase some other bits and bobs. We use these for Role playing rather than the original game. I only ever painted one Predator, although three came in the game. All of the Aliens are painted too. For civilians I use pre painted Star Wars or Star Trek minis. I also printed out and built an APC out of card to go with these.

This may become a regular post as I have so many minis that never see the light of day and it will be good to get them out again.

The photos were taken a good while ago, I will have to take some more with the aliens in too.