Well Friday is here again and there are more troops that haven’t seen the light of day for who knows how long…

These are some of my troops for my Lion Rampant army. I know the shield was pretty much gone by Agincourt but I reckon these chaps found some and put them to good use. These Perry boxes are really good value as there was enough in the box for a whole army (only some are shown here). I also ordered some French, these however never got finished…

My idea was to mix and match and get a bit of flexibility… sadly Perry’s plastics didn’t have the necessary plastic cavalry so I had to use 15th century mounted troops. The good news is that I recently heard that they are coming out sometime in the not too distant future.

Finally for tonight. My Bidowers for both Dragon and Lion Rampant.

I found these GW minis fitted quite nicely (a bit larger) with the historical troops.

Next week I will see what else I can find in the boxes in the cupboard….

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