Flaming Harriets… how can it be Friday again?

Anyway these forgotten forces were not found in the shed or the house for that matter. I had loaned them to a colleague who taught science in the primary schools and shared my office. He retires today and returned them. To be honest I had totally forgotten all about them!

So here we go…..

These will join the rest of my Magister dinosaurs.

Parasaurolophus (my favourite dinosaur)

T Rex


Triceratops (second favourite)



Velociraptors to the left

Troodon to the right.

These need a proper undercoat and then painted up!

This is some of the rest. The human hunters are for a little game we play… hunt the specific dinosaur, tag it and wait for retrieval!

And finally a bonus set of ‘warriors’

Snowball Wars by Okum Arts. These come out every winter for a grudge match…it normally starts out 2 on 2 but usually ends up three against me!

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