Small Japanese Town

Today I set the Ender away and printed myself half a dozen new houses to go in the town.

I must remember to add the roof to the gates!

The buildings are from Twylite games and the walls are from my favourite maker of Japanese things 3DAlienWorlds. I dropped the size to about 18% or so and I don’t think they look too bad.

I would have undercoated them but it has been up to 40mph winds today so no spraying for me. Weather is better tomorrow so hopefully they will get done soon.

We will see how the resin and filament compare when they are painted. The resin weighs at least twice the weight of the filament.

Birthday Present All Done

So today I set up the village and shrine with a few miniatures too.

I am really pleased with how everything came out. I was going to flock the edges of the pond, but decided against it. I may have a rethink tomorrow and do it anyway 😊

Another view of the same scene!

So that is everything done, including varnishes too. The only thing missing is the rice cart…

I also managed to get some more done on the 6mm lizards…

They aren’t looking too exciting at the minute and I think I may have done the crossbows a bit too dark, but we shall see tomorrow.

Filling the Ponds and Paddies

So today I decided that I needed to get some water into the ponds and paddy fields and here is the result…

I added clear to the ponds then put a couple of drops of sepia ink into the paddy fields. This is the first time I think I have used a two part resin. I have used other stuff years ago… so absolutely no idea what his will end up like.

I also got all the miniatures and buildings coated in a couple of layers of Matt varnish. The shrine and fences have been coated too.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will know whether the resin pour worked 🤞

If it has I will get these flocked up to go with the miniatures. Soon I will be moving onto these.

Abandoned Village

I decided that the monsters in old Japan probably wouldn’t be hanging around new and bustling villages, so mine became a little down at heel.

Guess who forgot to water down the green wash on the long building?

I really fell like this is coming together. I will get the flock on the fence base tomorrow night so that it matches in with the miniatures.

Hopefully everything will be ready soon. I may try some resin in the rice paddies tomorrow and the pond tomorrow … wish me luck 😂

Village Works

I actually managed to get some work done on the village tonight.

Still a fair old way to go, but certainly heading in the right direction.

I went out at half one last night to get a print off the printer and took a little video. Hopefully you can hear the snipe drumming…

My kids decided to paint rocks so here is one of my daughters rock of positivity…

The Long and Winding Road

My road is getting longer…

Excuse the mess!

This has got everything on it and the main road is 90cm (3feet) long. I am going to do at least another four straight and gentle curves plus a couple of ninety degree bends too. I have printed up some scatter bits too. These are rocks etc. A bit like the one to the left of the paddy field and next to the tree.

As can be seen from the photo above, I have also sprayed the shrine and pretty much a lot of other things too…

The shrine will have a clump foliage hedge around the edge… the inner section will be covered with sand and the edges under the hedge as soil as befits the need.

Road to Nowhere II

So I printed some more bits and pieces off today. I really like these…

I am printing a crossroads off just now, but this will be enough Junctions I reckon. I will probably do ten more straights and ten more curves and see how it looks then. Each piece is between three and half to four inches long.

Little does the lone samurai realise that he is being watched closely from the ruins

The ruins are rather nice and are part of the scatter terrain for this set.

Slowing down…

Yep I think with this being my 301st post in a row that I am flagging. More likely the stress of the job teaching from home, but anyway some progress was made on the buildings…

I also did a test print of the roads I kickstarted…

50% size

I am really pleased with them, apart from my printer played silly buggers and decided to lift at one end on each of them. I had a check and the right hand side springs had released so it had nothing to hold the build plate up. Hence the lack of adhesion on that side. The rice paddy I did last night did the same and I honestly thought it was due to a draft causing one end to lift… nope just a badly maintained piece of equipment. The double rice paddy being printed now is fine. Something I must keep an eye on.

The one thing I am going to have to learn how to do is to increase the top layers to stop the obvious ridge lines caused by the printer. They aren’t really obvious until you undercoat the bits with a spray can 😉.

Japanese Village III

I managed Further work on the village tonight whilst watching Conan on Netflix. The biggest problem I had was the grey. I mixed it and it ended up blue… being the silly bugger that I am, I forgot I had paining in the shed that was mixed to the required shades of grey. Oh well repaint tomorrow is in order.

The buildings. Instead of doors I went for hangings.the big one still needs the wood painting in.
Bugger, the rocks are blue!

I undercoated a whole lot more today too…

And finally for today my new rules arrived and amazingly I actually found some 6mm Samurai. I was looking for black acrylic paint and I came across these. They must be twenty years old at least!