Yep I think with this being my 301st post in a row that I am flagging. More likely the stress of the job teaching from home, but anyway some progress was made on the buildings…

I also did a test print of the roads I kickstarted…

50% size

I am really pleased with them, apart from my printer played silly buggers and decided to lift at one end on each of them. I had a check and the right hand side springs had released so it had nothing to hold the build plate up. Hence the lack of adhesion on that side. The rice paddy I did last night did the same and I honestly thought it was due to a draft causing one end to lift… nope just a badly maintained piece of equipment. The double rice paddy being printed now is fine. Something I must keep an eye on.

The one thing I am going to have to learn how to do is to increase the top layers to stop the obvious ridge lines caused by the printer. They aren’t really obvious until you undercoat the bits with a spray can 😉.

13 thoughts on “Slowing down…

  1. That little vertical stick in the doorway of the teahouse is actually just a print support! You might want to clip it out before you finish the paint 🙂

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