Printing not Painting

Yesterday the Nam Kickstsrter dropped, so this evening I downloaded all the goodies, had a good look and then printed some. Sadly they aren’t ready yet so I’ll have to show them to you tomorrow

The above are the US special forces.

A Smidge on the Goblins

I didn’t really make myself a lot of time to paint this evening… but I did a little bit:

Now the shaman in the centre has reminded me of someone for absolutely ages… I just couldn’t put my finger on who. This evening the clouds parted and the recollections streamed through…

Yes, I know he looks nothing like the wise old elf from the TV show… but somehow to me he does. If I hadn’t already painted the hood yellow then it would be painted blue.0


Still aching like mad, luckily no washing machines to move today, but the hot water tank overflow kicked in at 22.00 so I have fastened the ball cock up and turned off the boiler. I will get a new ballcock tomorrow.

I did manage to get some paint on some goblins today…

We have a leader, left. Three frogherds and a shaman on the right.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow evening.

Washing Machines ARE Heavy

Well if you remember I wrote a couple of days ago that I am in constant aches. Removing the old washing machine from the house and putting a new one in certainly didn’t help with this. We checked the weight on the new one… 75kg.

The old one went out the front door (which because I am in a croft house is narrow), the new one wouldn’t come in the same way so we had to take it right the way through the conservatory in one direction and right the way back through the house in another.

I now cannot move and luckily Esther and Sam are doing the horse as I am stuck in the car groaning.

Hopefully it will have eased off by tomorrow.

Nothing Achieved

This evening I was still aching. Waiting on the results of another blood test. Worst case scenario is that I have fibromyalgia. Which is a pain, no pun intended .

This has been grumbling on like this for eighteen months to two years. Last time I went to the doctors I was told it was just my age. At least this one actually listened and came up with a couple of possible causes. One being poly myalgic rheumatism and the other was mentioned above.

So the aches and pains continue for a while.

A Big Number

Well according to WordPress I hit a milestone. Yes today I passed 50,000 views. which frankly I find a bit bonkers really.

So if you are one of the people that popped by, even just to leave wondering what this crackpot is on about, then thank you. I really do appreciate it.

It has been a beautiful day up here and when I got back at 20.00 it was still nice. Skylarks were out, blackbirds were singing and the Oyster Catchers were in full voice too.

New Book

As I said yesterday I got two parcels when I got back from vacation. This was my book…

I really haven’t had a proper read through, but I like the idea where you can win militarily but lose politically. In a one off game it doesn’t really matter, but in a campaign it really does.

The rules are for company sized engagements so I won’t be playing these in 28mm.