Silver Bayonet

Tonight Joe and I went to the club to play Silver Bayonet… it was a brutal game where we had to root out a changeling from amongst a group of bandits who were holed up in an old barn.

The Bandits were all armed with muskets. I killed the first bandit, which happened to be the changeling, which galloped straight towards me!

It was a hard fought game. I managed to down the changeling, but Joe nicked it’s book, thus winning the game. Casualties were high on both sides. I had three of my eight left standing and Joe had two of his.

Madame managed to curse most of the opposition… my officer was downed twice, only a quick sprint by the doctor saved an early demise.

Joe was definitely unlucky when all but one of the remaining bandits headed in his direction.

The lights were out again tonight, full on swirls and banding with a lot of pulsing too…

I Painted Something

Yes even though tonight was a bit hectic – the gas cooker stopped getting gas as I was cooking chips (totally forgot I had an air fryer… but this another story). It was apocalyptic rain and I was in and out numerous times… we didn’t get chips! I wouldn’t care but when I came in for the last time I found I had an invoice from the company that had changed the Regulator to a new one… something was definitely awry! So I turned off all the gas bottles etc and will give them a ring tomorrow.

I did manage to get a bit of painting done… if you remember, I de idea to paint the thongs white on he armour… it took forever… in hindsight I should have thinned it a bit… but hey ho…

When I can face it then I will get them coloured too.

I also got some of my foggy army off the supports this evening too…

Samurai Turtles II

This evening I had guests over. My sister in law and her partner were up visiting from England so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked… in reality I got more done than expected. Expectation was zero.

I had put a number of layers of the dipping inks on the red armour. It stopped working like it should so I decided to try a bit if glazing and badly executed edge highlighting. Unfortunately my red was of the vintage of the orange and yellow!

Tomorrow I go over the lacing in white then choose a nice contrasting colour to go over it.

Goblin Leader

Ye gods I am tired today… I took one look at the painting desk and yawned ‘naaaahhh’. I didn’t sleep too well last night and have had a full on day today including visits from councillors as well as the head honch of the education department.

I did remember to take a photo of the Goblin on the swamp beast…

I do like him, but there is something not quite right colour wise, I just cannot put my finger on it. It might be the armour or it might just be the colours on the beastie.

I do think that I need to do something about the beastie’s teeth and get the eyes filled in too.

To be fair to myself I am painting these in school, without my brushes and without a wider selection of paints.

Samurai Turtles

Tonight I decided to bite the bullet and do some painting… even though Faust sent me a link to a Campaign Cartographer bundle over on Humble Bundle. I would seriously recommend this offer. I got 15 titles for £25.

Now to be honest the actual software only has a years code on it. I already have it so I am happy to spend the cash.

Here is the link for the bundle Here

Anyway here are my turtles so far.

Printing NOT Painting

Well so much for the idea of painting this evening…it didn’t happen. I de idea to slice a pile more Goblins ready for printing.

I also printed off the fanatics with the stones in the ropes… a rather fun set.

I also bought a couple more Contrast paints today when I took my daughter into Lerwick.. both a brownish colour!

Skeldor -Second Attempt

So this evening I decided to sit down for 20 minutes to fiddle with this mapping software and Boom it is an hour and a half later!

I did manage to redo Skeldor. This time I have added some environs as well as tried to make the whole map a bit more interesting…

This is still not perfect but is better than yesterday. Tomorrow I am going to add numbers and text to the map to allow people to know what is what… ie where is the school and where is the hospital etc.

In case anyone is interested the software can be found here.

The problem with this software is that there are so many additional packs that I can add to the base pack. I could easily spend a lot of time and money messing about with this stuff!

I am going to attempt to paint something tomorrow!


Well, I was going to paint the turtles tonight, but instead, I started messing around with my mapping software. I decided to splash out a bit as I wanted to make a town for our school’s imaginary Island and I ended up down a major rabbit hole!

The above was my first attempt at the Capital of Skeldorini. Not the world’s best map ever, but by heck, this software has a lot of potential!

To be fair to myself I did get some painting done at the Geek club, I just forgot to take a photo.

And in case you were wondering…

On my school blog I was able to add a link to an uploaded PDF, but for some reason, it is not letting me add it to media on my own personal blog!

You can find the PDF Link here It opens a downloadable PDF that allows you to zoom into the map. Please bear in mind that this was just a test map… so there are random gaps in the walls and a building way out in the west.

The Dancers were Out

Tonight I was going to work on my Samurai turtles etc, I even got them sprayed white. I let the dog out and realised the Aurora Borealis were out playing.

I ended up out there in the snow in my slippers and without a coat… chilly doesn’t even come close.

Hopefully I will get something painted soon!

Well That Bloody Hurt

I am sat here feeling sorry for myself, with my right shin swelling up, not to mention hurting. This evening we went out into the snow to do the horse. The track was full of drifts of about 45CM high. Went up to the car, drove, did the horse, went shopping carried the bags the 200m down the track. Went back up the track 5o get the bale of haylage and on the way back I mis judged where the end of the cattle grid was ….

Through I went belted my ankle, shin and knee on the way in. Twisted everything else on the way down.

Here is the hole that my good lady took a photo of (after checking I was okay first though).

We had a day yesterday when the snow was nearly gone and it came back with a vengeance last night. More expected this evening along with 60mph winds!

As someone posted earlier… this isn’t winter anymore this is harassment!