Geek Club

Well today the first day of the school club went well. I had five in and they all got a long way on with their first miniature.

I am really pleased with how much they tried and also how much they really enjoyed it.

Here we have the results after half an hour.

They were really into it… the rest of the kids came in after lunch and this lot sent me down to talk to my cover teacher to negotiate an extra ten minutes!

They have made me promise some more time to get them finished tomorrow.

So it would seem an initial success…

Next stage paint another bear in a more complicated pose then onto the other animals if they are up for it.

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

You might see some deadly teddy bears….

I am printing some Urzans for the kids at school. I have decided to do each child a couple of bears to practice something a bit easier than the anthropomorphic miniatures.

This will allow them to get used to the paint and paint brushes. To make their life a bit easier I increased the size to 175%

All six of the kids want to join the Geek club. They got the choice of which beastie they fancied.

We kick of on Tuesday…

More Animals Anyone?

Tonight I decided to print another set of anthropomorphic beasties.

The Hedgehog riding the corgi is from Goonmaster Miniatures and the pair of armoured mice are from Naga Miniatures..,

The corgi looks weird as the saddle fits into the gap on the back.

As of next Tuesday my older half dozen kids in the school are going to paint up a mini each and then make a mini diorama on an old CD. I will run this over a number of weeks as a little Lunchtime club… I must be bonkers!

Down Another Rabbit Hole

Yes I am off again with another hare brained (get it?) idea.

Well technically it could be a rabbit, weasel, frog or scary fish hole!

Yes I found some freebies on Goonmaster Miniatures. I am really drawn towards the red pandas… but I have something to work with right now.

I also have a hedgehog knight riding a corgi… I mean why not? It was free too.

Proactive Tidying

This evening I decided that I needed the bottom shed sorting out. This is for two reasons… firstly it is an absolute tip and secondly I want to remove the miniatures out of the big shed to avoid the white mould Armageddon from last winter.

Mid tidy… most of the stuff on the floor is to get rid of.

On the up side I have found loads of things that I have forgotten about…

15mm FIW French and Allies

On the down side I have found a load of things I have forgotten about and now want to do something with them…

15mm British and Sudanese

I found boxes of things like the FIW above along with another smaller box full of unpainted woodland Indians and militiamen. The Colonial stuff above was for Science Versus Pluck to simulate an officer getting attacked by the Ansar. I mean will I actually ever, ever use them. These were from about 2014 at the very latest. We played one test game at the club then with one thing and another I never really got back to play it again.

I have Advanced Heroquest and other such miniatures in a box file. A pile of boxed Prodos Aliens miniatures. All in all far too much stuff. If I lived South I would take a mountain of things to a bring and buy at a convention.

Living up here I have really only the option for eBay of Facebook sales groups.

Anyway I shall carry on with the shed tomorrow round the Parent Council meeting at 19.00.

Painting an Otter

Last night after posting, I decided to get some paint on the 28mm otter. Now this guy came from Naga Miniatures and is one of many anthropomorphised animals in their collection. I honestly cannot say what he is meant to be representing. It has him down as a paladin. He does have a mix of dress and equipment. He has a macuahuitl and a metal shield as well as landschneckt style pantaloons. I don’t really care as I really like him.

I got him finished this evening… I might go back and do the cordage on his quilted gambeson.

Samurai Started

This evening I got my finger out and started on some of the 15mm Samurai forces.

I have made a sort of Bandit force that includes some Ronin and a renegade monk.

The above were all painted with the Dipping Inks. I am really pleased with the majority of them. The only one that is a bit weird is the black shadow dip. I like it, but the guy front right has his kimono painted with it. It is more a grey green. Basically to me, it is a naming thing rather than a useless colour. For full disclosure I had heard this and ordered it anyway as it is a useful colour.

I still have the following dips to try out.

Hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow. I am now off to order the shrine set from 3DAlienworlds.

You can see it here…

There are loads of cool bits 😉

When a Rhino is Not Worth Saving!

The last few days have been some of the most frustrating in 3D printing since the infamous Kabuto incident of 2019…I said I would print up a 40k Rhino for him. I suggested Thingiverse as sometimes there is good stuff is on there… sadly not this time. I got there in the end but it is Crap!

Here Mr Otterton inspects it. I had a few issues… first off was what is one supposed to look like. With zero interest in 40 k I wasn’t actually sure l. After checking a few reference pictures it seemed to be fine…ish. Seems to be missing rear exhaust ports and looks really wide.

The model itself was solid… way too much resin so I had to hollow out all the pieces.

It was split into five bits with no keys to make it go back together easily. Not dissing the designer here as I couldn’t have done this, but it really would have helped.

Each set of the two sides took nearly twelve hours to print… two sets of six for each bit.The middle section went weird and the rear doors look like the inside of an old ladies knitting box. This bit was over eight hours because of its size.

But the most annoying bit…

The sides are different sizes. Initially I thought user error, somehow I accidentally increased one of them. I don’t think so as the lights and exhausts seem to be the same size on both sides, same with the indentation. To be fair I could have reprinted one side and matched whichever it fitted… but by this evening I really, really couldn’t be ars*d.

Now there are a few out there that he could purchase, but he will need to check that they look right and also that they are printable.

Tonight I heard one of my new favourite taglines… this was by Chuck Yeager… he had mentioned ‘Sexual Intellectuals’ aka F*cking Know it All’s. I am so going to use it from now on.

I also finished the Sohei this evening…

Just some flock to add😜

Tomorrow I will endeavour to get some more painting done. I have a pile of samurai forces already undercoated in 15mm, so they seem a good place to start.

In Hot Water

Luckily not me, at least not yet… I am supposed to be writing my Standards and Quality report for work and it hasn’t happened yet!

What was in hot water were the dwarves…

I was quite a long way into resin printing before I found it about how hot water really helps remove the supports. So it is now often a standard practice with my prints.

I have now done another dozen dwarves, veterans this time…

The above are the two handed axeman. The other half dozen are single handed axe dudes.

I painted the bases of the sohei today, but didn’t take any photos. The dipping inks were ideal for this.

Five Years

By Heck…this little blog of mine has been going five years…who would have thought that i could spout random guff for so long… but evidently I can.. I have spouted so much in fact that I now have to pay for it…

Anyway in those five years I have managed …

1806 posts …that’s quite a lot I think

Over 14,000 visitors with 43,200 views

With my best ever views in a single day being 137.

I would seem to have 203 followers, of which about a tenth engage with me and and probably not that many know what a model soldier is…upon saying this there are artists and even a couple of members of my family… Esther probably keeps an eye on me to see what I am sending my pocket money on :🤣😅🤣😅

My first post was a Flintloque one…actually my first one said so it begins… my first one with anything to look at can fe found below…

The first miniatures appeared

So after a stint of something like 960 daily posts, I have dropped right back… to once in a blue moon…I really must get back into the swing of things again…