Tercio Shot… oh and Pikes

This is evening I worked on some more strips for the Tercio. I managed to make another couple of bases with the pikes I started yesterday as well as getting four shot bases painted up too.

The arquebusiers still need some work on their weapons as well as the Burgundian cross for the colours. I set these ones in lines as they aren’t Skirmishes. They need some texture adding to their bases.

So if I stick with the half sized pike blocks then I only need another four bases worth, which to be honest, is a lot of pikes. I still have two guns and eleven bases of Skirmishers to do, not to forget another four bases of Tercio shot and two bases (at least) of swordsmen. Still a long way to go, but definitely over the hump now.

Heavy Going with the Pikes

I was feeling a bit under the weather today and really didn’t want to do much. I managed to stay out of bed today, but it was definitely calling my name.

So I am actually a bit surprised that I got anything anything done this evening. But I managed to get two Tercio blocks finished and a good wagon the next two done. To be fair it took me pretty much the whole length of a film to do these three sticks, but at least it is progress…

I watched Captain Phillips this evening and found it a rather good watch. I watched Castaway yesterday and Phillips today… obviously on a Tom Hanks binge.

No Painting Tonight

Sadly no pikes were processed this evening, instead we managed to get an Aliens Game in. As per usual they managed to oil it out of the bag when most needed, in fact only two panic rolls were made all evening… which must be a record.

So after escaping the working Joe’s at the under water Lab then they mare off to the underwater city, which turned out to be part underwater and part in a sea mount.

They helped a life raft from the crashed space ship only to find the occupants had died when there had been an air leak. On the upside though they managed to obtain some more weapons and equipment from the deceased. They were also hunted Down by a packman scary alien octopi who damaged the craft, but again managed to repair the damage.

We also made Characters for my eldest’s game. We have a bard, a thief and a ranger. We will see how we get in with this.

Pikes on the Horizon

Yes, funnily enough, I am still working on the pikes… you are probably as bored as I am by now. So with this I have done all of my half sized landsknecht blocks.

Tomorrow I get to start on the same number of Spanish blocks. The difference with them is that they have an equal number of shot to pike

Arrrgggghhh Pikes

Yes…I am still going with the pikes… the fourth base is nearly done another strip and a half short….again!

As you can see I have got a pile of arqubusiers and more pikes on the go. Joe and I were discussing the huge size of of the units and have decided to go for four bases to equal the eight in the rules. This actually means that I have three Landskecht Pike blocks done. I still need the Tercio so will use some of the above pikes to add to the rear ranks of the Spanish units.

I have the same number of arqubusiers and pikes base coated as the above image. I have about the same again undercoated. I will hopefully get the zweihanders primed tomorrow as they will become my Doppelsoldners for the pikes.

To be honest the plan to drop the number of bases may not work as it needs to look sensible compared to the other based miniatures… for example a Reiter cavalry force is six bases, all be it with only one miniarure block per base. I will have a check tomorrow to see how things look.

Warning, Warning, Warning… the following is as Trigger warning if you are a bit of an Anal Retentive…. I got fuel yesterday and this was the readout… the small lower number is the diesel price per litre.

HOTT Battle

No painting tonight, we had a bit of a HOTT scrap. The Conquistadors had a bit of falling out with some undead…

Things took a while to get going but we did meet on the right flank…

The knights had joined the force over there as the Tank was out there with a couple of horde units and some war dogs.

There was a lot of pushing and shoving, but with little effect until one of Joe’s knights was ridden down…

The speed of the War dogs helped flank the cavalry causing Joe to pull back. Things began to collapse on the right too. I certainly had some lucky dice rolls that kept my casualties low.

In the end he lost twelve points and me two, thus ending the game.

End of the Pikes …Part 1

Tonight I managed to get my first Pike block finished. I have added the skirmishers to the front.. their base needs some texturing with my vivarium sand and then painting. Now I need to check on this but I do remember some Pike blocks getting a base of Doppelsoldners too… but anyway here is a quick photo of the first one…

I need to get some paint onto the Pike bases too as there are some gaps…. probably the easiest way to do this is to paint green strips on or paint as I go.

Working on the Pikes

I came soooo close to finishing my first Pike block this evening. I basically have a strip and a half or miniatures to add to make an eight base unit. I worked on both the Pikes to add to it as well as the skirmishers to stand infront of it.

Hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have my first Pike block completely finished. That will only leave three to go…🙄

Now as you can see frommthe above that is one hefty Pike block. Now each if my pikes has 8 bases per Pike block. It suddenly dawned on me that I could for speed reasons count the above as 16 bases. Each base could be equal to two. I will have to ponder this tomorrow…

Working on the Pikes

Tonight I worked on the eight strips of pikes got them finished…

I had to repaint a dairy few helmets this evening as I had a bit of a wobble on the old painting hand when I was doing the pikes. Tomorrow I will get them added to the bases and see how far we get.

After doing a lot of 6mm and 2mm miniatures I did have to laugh at this…