Well some of you may remember that a while a while ago I posted that I was in chronic pain. The Doctor was investigating and narrowed it down to Poly myalgia or fibro myalgia. Well after draining about an arm full of blood over the last six weeks he has decided on the former, which thankfully is treatable.

So I am now on about an 18 month to two year course of steroids. I started on Wednesday and by Friday the pain had pretty much gone. Because I am a pillock I did too much yesterday so today I am taking it easy 😉

So, because I am going to be on steroids long term then I am going to also have to go on other medication to counteract some of the side effects.

So there you go folks, a huge thank you to the people who got in touch it really did help me realise that that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

15 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Best of luck with it all and hoping for a quick recovery. Might be a good time to start working out as well, given the benefits of strong muscle mass on the rest of the body.

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