So I went for the tree supports and I have good news and bad news

So the good news… removal on the whole was easy peasy.

The rotor is still on the supports.

As you can see from the above photo the support on the floor will need a bit of work with a blade. So positives aside, this thing is going to take a long time with sandpaper to get ready for paint…

The above is what the bottom looks like. No doubt I could orientate the model to lessen this effect, but the worry is that it would be more noticeable in the easy to see areas.

I going to be honest I am printing on an old machine (an original ender3) the only upgrade was a metal extruder. I think I got this Christmas 2017 so it has done a fair bit of work. Further to this I generally still print on draft quality. Speeds up the process. I could go to town and print on super fine quality. Fat dragon games has some really good settings but it would take at least twice as long to print. One day I may give it a go.

I think I will start the M113 this evening. Because I am a twit, and there was space on the build plate then I am doing a PBR minus the crew and rear weapons.

Huey, Kilgore and now a PBR… definitely a smell of ‘Apocalypse Now’ going down.

3 thoughts on “Huey Take 2

  1. Hey that’s a step in the right direction, glad the tree support helped. Oh and man do I had when you get those big blobby print lines, kinda stuck with them unless you want to shell out a new mortgage to get a printer with the build volume, speed and fine nozzle to make something close to injection molding!

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