This evening I got the Nam test miniatures off the printer…

They have come out fine. Now one of the civilians has no feet. I am going to check to see if they have feet on the image… it might be that they are meant to be in paddy fields so feet are not necessary… not sure. I am sure I could pinch feet off other civilians to befeet her if needed.

We have two special forces, two civilians, two regular army and an Air Cav officer who likes surfing. The guy having a lie down is a VC casualty.

I have a couple of niggles with these, first being the supports are pretty chunky and didn’t come of as easily as I would have expected (compared to some of my other manufacturers). Second is, although I kind of like the chunky aesthetic, the running dude on the right is not much taller than the kneeling dude on the left.

I will have a play around with sizes tomorrow and see what I think. I am looking forward to painting tiger stripes on the special forces.

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