Tonight Joe and I went to the club to play Silver Bayonet… it was a brutal game where we had to root out a changeling from amongst a group of bandits who were holed up in an old barn.

The Bandits were all armed with muskets. I killed the first bandit, which happened to be the changeling, which galloped straight towards me!

It was a hard fought game. I managed to down the changeling, but Joe nicked it’s book, thus winning the game. Casualties were high on both sides. I had three of my eight left standing and Joe had two of his.

Madame managed to curse most of the opposition… my officer was downed twice, only a quick sprint by the doctor saved an early demise.

Joe was definitely unlucky when all but one of the remaining bandits headed in his direction.

The lights were out again tonight, full on swirls and banding with a lot of pulsing too…

8 thoughts on “Silver Bayonet

  1. Sounds like a fun game! I haven’t played Silver Bayonet yet. Are you also fighting each other, like in Frostgrave, or were the casualties mostly inflicted by the monsters? The pulsing of the lights is really neat. Ours were mostly waves. Do you get varied colors sometimes or are they usually just green?

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    1. You fight each other and the monsters… as for thé northern lights they tend to look green to me, some people do get other colours in their photos, but they tend to use photoshop and double expose things.

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      1. We saw green, but also blue. Yea,
        people go crazy with Photoshop and effects. It’s pretty lame, but I guess they are looking for attention more than capturing what’s really there. :/


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