Yes even though tonight was a bit hectic – the gas cooker stopped getting gas as I was cooking chips (totally forgot I had an air fryer… but this another story). It was apocalyptic rain and I was in and out numerous times… we didn’t get chips! I wouldn’t care but when I came in for the last time I found I had an invoice from the company that had changed the Regulator to a new one… something was definitely awry! So I turned off all the gas bottles etc and will give them a ring tomorrow.

I did manage to get a bit of painting done… if you remember, I de idea to paint the thongs white on he armour… it took forever… in hindsight I should have thinned it a bit… but hey ho…

When I can face it then I will get them coloured too.

I also got some of my foggy army off the supports this evening too…

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