Ye gods I am tired today… I took one look at the painting desk and yawned ‘naaaahhh’. I didn’t sleep too well last night and have had a full on day today including visits from councillors as well as the head honch of the education department.

I did remember to take a photo of the Goblin on the swamp beast…

I do like him, but there is something not quite right colour wise, I just cannot put my finger on it. It might be the armour or it might just be the colours on the beastie.

I do think that I need to do something about the beastie’s teeth and get the eyes filled in too.

To be fair to myself I am painting these in school, without my brushes and without a wider selection of paints.

5 thoughts on “Goblin Leader

  1. Now Lord Commander Eloth’s comment was just what I was thinking! I’d tone the teeth and tusks down to more of a mucky cream/brown with white highlights and I’d go for a dark red tongue I think. Then I’d probably do all that and wonder if it still looked right! Ask the rest of school team and see what they think maybe?

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