Tonight I decided to bite the bullet and do some painting… even though Faust sent me a link to a Campaign Cartographer bundle over on Humble Bundle. I would seriously recommend this offer. I got 15 titles for £25.

Now to be honest the actual software only has a years code on it. I already have it so I am happy to spend the cash.

Here is the link for the bundle Here

Anyway here are my turtles so far.

10 thoughts on “Samurai Turtles

      1. I just installed. The 1-year license was out of keys, and told me I had to wait. So I went ahead and installed the Lifetime license. It also comes with an update to 3.98 and a monthly content update that brings it up 3/2023.


      2. Ah, the 3.98 update is not needed, because it already updates you to 3.98 with the Lifetime license. A little odd the way they have bundled this, but hey can’t beat the deal!


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