Tonight was another evening of Dad/Daughter bonding. We spent most of this evening preparing for a new base move. This was moving into a more dangerous area so we needed to prefabricate walls and doors ready to get them on the ground as soon as we got there.

We survived, a few hairy moments but in the end got a new protected base camp set up in the Boondocks.

This meant that painting time was reduced. I still managed a small amount.

The clan colour for these is green. My back story for them is that they have a fungus in their caves that give the cloth a green hue.

As you can see, the berserker’s hair is now a darker orange.

Well, the long weekend is now over. I will have to drag my sorry ass into work. Made all the more difficult as I am one of only three schools on Shetland open tomorrow. Pretty much, the same number is open on Orkney, the rest of Scotland seems to be on strike.

I will try a bit more painting tomorrow..

5 thoughts on “Working on the Dwarves

      1. Nice, that’s how I played Conan too. Started off with a friend, but then I ended up playing Solo. Solo got pretty boring after awhile though, so now I’m waiting for Starfield (Fallout in Space).


      2. I would like to do proper PVE but have never found a server where a small minority of people are being dicks. I have even considered my own server…my world, my rules …God Complex or What!

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