Or should I say…another door.

I am starting to make little steps into doing simple things. Each time I cock things up I learn something new…normally what not to do, but it is all a learning process.

So far I have made the two textured rollers, some signs and a simple door.

Sad but true, I am enjoying doing these. Not sure where I will go next, but if anyone has any ideas then please give me a shout.

I did consider a big double door. Something that will allow me to get the hang of the mirror modifier. There is so much to learn!

5 thoughts on “I Have a Door!

  1. Depends on how useful they would be to you of course, but things like street accessories might be useful for modern settings while still being fairly basic yet having some areas to stretch. Rubbish/recycling bins, vending machines, street signs with bases… that sort of thing.

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  2. Shields and doors are pretty useful. Rounded shields for variety. Maybe a simple helm for head swaps? Shoulder pads. I find the custom bits I usually need are heads, hands, especially open hands, shoulder pads, etc. Skulls or bones are great for decorating bases. Actually, just printing miniature bases is another useful thing.


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