Well the snow is sort of hanging in there. The weight of oit has buckled the porch roof and damaged the roofing felt. I now have snowmen water dripping into a bucket. To be fair the roof really needed replacing in my October break but sadly the wind was too strong, from what I remember.

The gritter came along the spur to rescue us today and promptly slid into the ditch. It was good of them to try though. We did manage to get out into Lerwick, the place devoid of snow.

On the up side the temperature has resents four degrees and things are beginning to melt, on the down side they reckon -1° tonight so the nice thawed stuff will freeze solid.

To be fair to the electric company they are giving us a good wadge of compensation. Sadly my tropical fish didn’t survive the cold temperatures though. Luckily I only had two so it wasn’t a huge tank full.

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