You may have wondered where I had gone… or maybe not…the last time you heard from me I was sat in a blizzard in a queue of stationery traffic. Snow was expected, but not to the levels we saw. I am Back… why then has it taken so long …well we lost power on Monday at 15.00 and it returned today (Friday) at 18.30.

Temperatures were down to -2° outside and our bedrooms were sitting at 10° so not exactly the warmest few days. Luckily we have a gas stove as well as a couple of gas bottle heaters for the lounge and kitchen.

The snow was so heavy that it snapped power lines as well as snapped the power poles. In my valley alone we had ten down or disabled. Two poles were in half.

We had around 6 inches on top off the stuff already down with some drifting… here I am stood on top of the snow… nope I am not Legolas, the snow had frozen solid. The council didn’t come and plow or grit my road so we have a good old bit of ice driving to get to the bit where they had gritted…

Finally this is my normal pose

My school was affected by the power outage too so we have all been home all week.

The weird bit is the snow isn’t everywhere… my road and Lerwick… spot the difference!

The snow starts about 5 miles from me. People in Lerwick couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about! Can’t say I blame them!

There were around 6500 homes without power this week. The Engineers did an amazing job to get so many people back online.. they basically had to rebuild the West and North of the power grid.

9 thoughts on “Woohoo Power!

  1. Bugger me Steve! I’ll stop winging about our lousy summer though we had a 4 degree night with a high of 10 last week , now its shot up to 14 to 27!!
    I’m sure you lot are a lot hardier than us, so I’ll just wish you and the family a merry White Christmas and a safe New Year!

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