Fear not, this is not an order, but more a description of my latest prints.

The four in the centre were done overnight. I put them on my 2 foot square terrain mat. So as you can see they are not tiny things. I am printing a second set off as I don’t I will have enough filament on the spool to do anything bigger. Over the next few days my plan is to do a lot more scatter style pieces to use up the remains of the roll.I

I will see what is in this range and then look at my stuff from Lovecraft or Highland Miniatures. Some scaling will have to be done with the Lovecraft miniatures as they are massive compared the these.

12 thoughts on “Scatter

  1. When scaling down, does the software/printer reduce the overall amount of detail in a piece? Or do you get pieces that are much more detailed than others? My guess is “no”, but I’m curious.


      1. Thanks Steve! I would have thought you would lose a lot of the detail, but it looks like it retains quite a bit. I’m still crossing my fingers that Santa is bringing me a 3D Printer down the chimney this year, haha!


      2. Yea, I nearly pull the trigger every year. I’d still want to buy minis from the games I support, but a printer would be great for minis I can’t find in retail. Plus being able to scale them to the size I wanted, would be a dream!


      3. No worries there, my pref is 28mm. So I might be trying to scale down from 32mm. Or maybe scaling something that is off a bit to fit better with the Frostgrave minis.

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      4. Pre supported miniatures sometimes have problems as the supports are designed for the size given. Quite often they come with supporters too. I just orientate it the same as the larger one, add auto supports and then put in a few more if I feel they need it 🙂

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