Today I printed the NPC’s and whilst removing the supports I managed to rip the hobbit from his feet. So I saved everything, cured them and brought them into the house to sort things out.

As I picked one up it pinged out of my fingers and disappeared… this was what I spent twenty minutes trying to find…

The remaining foot is next to the pen point… yeah! Time to print a new miniature I think.

So these are the full group.

I will reprint the little dude soon.

I got the dwarves done ..,

And am printing this dude right now…

This is the body, it’s a bit larger than I normally do 🙂.

Addendum… why, when I need one miniature printing have I suddenly got half a dozen humanoids and a bloody big dog?

7 thoughts on “Why, Why, Why

      1. Haha, man are they a pain! I’ve dropped so much that I would think I’d at least some in the vacuum cleaner. But nope! Although I did find one piece months later about 10’ away from my workspace!

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