So the other day I started getting failures in the centre of the build plate. This causes a lot of swearing on my part as I then need to empty the vat, clean it and remove the resin that was stuck to the FEP.

First off I changed the resin, just in case there was something wrong with the first lot…. Still failures!

Next I re levelled the build plate, still getting those failures!

I checked that the lights were working… no problems, I oiled things… still issues. Then in one final attempt to get it to work I put the newly done vat onto the machine and voila- success!

This is what success and failure look like side by side. I go ad to peel the funny star thing off the FEP.

I eventually got two German cruisers. I have binned six! The little gunboats came out fine every time. I have a lot of them now.

3 thoughts on “Printer Woes

  1. This reminds me of times when I’ve fixed something by simply returning right back to state when I started! Maddening when you’re not sure what went wrong and seemingly nothing has been changed!

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