Well, today I was browsing YouTube, in between watching the state funeral of her late Majesty. Anyway I attached Dana Howl’s video on the new contrast paint colours. I have bought one of them… the new black. Interestingly she calls them Contrast flat… aka they aren’t really Contrast… but anyway I found this video purely by chance.

Vallejo xpress colour

I have never seen this guy before and was pleased that he said two things… First being he is biased.. he helped design them and secondly he wanted these paints to be as good as Contrast.

So as you can imagine, I will be giving these a go when they come out. There will be twenty five in the range with some similar to Contrast colours, but the majority in a different colour. The big test for me is will they reactivate… I don’t think so as he said if you get pint (or paint – thanks Guru) where you don’t want it, then just recover it with the white.

I might see if they will send me a couple of bottles to try out… wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “Down Another ‘Paint’ Rabbit Hole?

  1. Haha, now that’s a coincidence, I saw that video purely by chance on my phone this morning too, don’t usually go on Youtube much these days, but that popped up and peaked my interest. I thought of you while I was watching it 😀.

    Still never tried any of these paints, but I do enjoy your posts about them.

    Good luck with the samples mate!

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Contrast craziness. Reaper also has some now too. I’ll have to see what Dana said about the new Contrast. The black is awesome. I mix it about 1:2 with contrast medium and it works great as a dark shade. I basically use it in place of Nuln Oil now.

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  3. Juan is great. Basically he and Stahly (Tale of Painters) are the most honest of the YouTubers that I’ve found when it comes to paint. They’re both active forum people over on Dakka so I guess it helps that they’re both also active members of the hobby community rather than “just” people who YouTube for money. Juan even “fixed” Speedpaint reactivation with a secret ingredient (it’s Contrast Medium) but his short video on it is also well worth watching.

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