I eventually got around to downloading the Ironclad miniatures. If you remember I got a test run from my mate and did a Grrman and British group… you can see the British HERE

Well this time I decided that my kitchen table is a bit on the small size for the bigger models… my solution… print at 50% size. I love 3D printing! Now to be honest it comes with inherent problems aka the guns won’t be magnetised any more so once they are on, they are on. Now I could be clever with a pin drill and some thin wire, but sod it …life’s too short.

So on the blue we have a British battleship at the rear (without guns) and a cruiser. The right hand picture shows a number of civilian ships at the rear and some British destroyers front right.

These were technically test prints and I have actually re sliced things so that each ship will come with suitable armament as well as a corresponding base. For the destroyers it means three to the build plate instead of four. But to be honest I have one battleship, two cruisers and four destroyers… I probably will have enough to keep me going for a while… unless I go for the Aether version of Jutland!

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