So earlier on I got some more work done on the Big Beastie… i decided to give my Artis Opus brushes a try… all I can say about the brushes so far is that I need a bit of practice. So anyway here are a couple of shots of the Beastie after a bit of a dry brushing frenzy…

The one on the right was taken outside. I put it on the ground as it was really windy and I didn’t want it falling off something and hitting the floor with a horrible cracking sound…

I also got the 15mm based up… resin printed bits at the back and the purchased metal miniatures at the front…

8 thoughts on “Today’s Work

  1. That beastie really is excellent, Steve! 🙂 I have this image in my mind that when you use it in a game that you declare which enemy unit it’s going to drop that mausoleum on that it’s been carrying around in its talons!


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