Today I did my last stint at serving teas and luckily missed the excitement on the road coming home…

We have had some dry weather followed by torrential rain and voila, the peat is lifted off the bedrock or lower layers and careens down the slope… in this case straight onto the road. It got as far as the white line up the middle. This is just a little one!

By time I went past, they had cleared the road and opened both sides again.

I did a bit of painting when I got back…

Not exactly the best photo, but shock horror, the nights are drawing in and it now gets dark at night. I will take a better photo in the daylight tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Big Beastie and a Bog Burst

  1. We don’t have any bogs round here, so that is quite the sight! Closest I had was a tree falling over onto the highway when the rain made the ground too soft. Our bus driver had to call his boss for a reroute. His boss had to drive down to us, before rerouting, so delay after delay…by the time they made a decision, a road crew came by with a couple chainsaws and cleared a lane so people could get through! Loving how the beastie and that building are turning out!

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