Tonight I got the Fell beast done. There were some gaps on the wings and tail but I hauled out the Greenstuff and filled the last gaps this evening.

Now to be honest, I printed this at 90% size. You cannot really tell until you add the rider. He is now a bit on the small side but I reckoned built in evil and malice need not be in a giant.

I also got these six wraiths stuck onto bases. I really should have done some painting but I am knackered.

And finally, this was a little worrying when I saw it in the shed this evening…

Now to be up front these cans are pretty ancient, but I have never seen seepage like this before. It Han bubbled out all around the bottom join.

9 thoughts on “Big Beasty and the Wraiths

  1. Looking great. Yuk with the can! I would save it to use as a hand grenade come the zombie apocalypse. I hear it has reached John O’Groats but they might be just confusing the locals.

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  2. Now that is a beast! And what a crazy can seepage! That reminds me that I have a few these sitting on a laundry shelf that I should probably dispose of! I quit using rattle can primers after I picked up an airbrush.

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