Well more consumables than upgrades….Today I received some new resin and a couple of spare vats for the resin printer.

As some of you know I do like my 3D printer, but sometimes the prints remain a bit fragile, hence the need to order 40 metal pikes to replace the resin ones…. I watched a YouTube video the other day where someone was trialling Elegoo’s ABS resin.

The video is Here

I watched another one where they guy added in 15% flexible resin it really makes a Heck of a difference.

I got a couple of bottles as they were on offer on Amazon. I will do a couple of test prints one with my ordinary and one with the ABS.

In case anyone is wondering ABS is a strong type of plastic. Lego is made of it to name one thing…It was a type of material that could also be run through the filament printer. To be honest I never gave it a try, but with a 15mm Samurai army to print then I thought it might be an idea to save myself some heartache down the line a bit…

I also received my round bases so time to get a start on my secret project…oh and base up my pile of Flintloque miniatures…

8 thoughts on “3D Printer Upgrades

  1. Hard to believe how small those are. As I mentioned previously, I just dipped my toe into mdf bases too. Mainly I just needed an alternative as I was running out of the disc bases I had been using from Frostgrave sets. Probably won’t be any real difference once I add texture paste on top anyways.

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  2. That’s maybe looking a bit like 6mm WW1 to me! 🙂 Sadly enough I know that ABS stands for acrylonitrile-butadeine styrene without having to look it up anywhere (probably because I had an ABS motorbike helmet a long time ago (I think it was ABS anyway)!

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