Tonight I decided to have another look at the white spotted miniatures… this is the number of affected bases I am talking about…

As you can see, there is the odd one or two. It doesn’t look that obvious from the photo above unless you zoom in. Here is a close up of one of the Aztec bases…

You can definitely see it in this photo🥲.

Not sure what to do with them… the whole of the mdf bases are white on the bottom. Pretty much all of these are based in a mix of filler, paint and PVA aka a total Sod to remove!

We are going to do our Dragon or Lion Rampant full day in July, so I will need to get my resin minis painted up. As the pikes keep snapping then I have ordered forty 4 inch metal pikes to replace the fragile ones.

12 thoughts on “Oh S**t

  1. Hi Steve unfortunately I have no answers. I can sympathize as I remember having roof guttering block up which caused a flood in my study soaking all of the then cardboard bases on about five 15mmm armies. Fortunately when the insurance company assessor saw the mushy mess they paid for replacement armies when they just needed re-basing!

    Good luck finding a solution.

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  2. Mold? Crap. I just ordered a few mdf bases for the first time and had been thinking about using them instead of metal or plastic.
    Might be rethinking that right soon!

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  3. This is a real bummer, mate. I wish I could offer some advice but I’ve never seen something like this before. At the risk of stating the obvious, I would try to keep all minis away from any place that might be damp in the future just to be safe!

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