Because I am a pillock, I totally forgot to do the write up of our second Silver Bayonet game.

This one had four revenants visible at the start ofnthe game. Luckily at rhe end of the first turn all my forces were out if sight so the revenants went off to annoy Joe on the far side of the table.

The thing about a revenant is it pretty much drops damage to shooting so although there was plenty the revenants shrugged 90% of it off.

Things did get a bit brutal on the far side of the barn…

Unfortunately for us we rolled a lot of double ones and in the end had seven revenants, one ghoul and one animated scarecrow. The game started with only the five revenants. Unluckily for Joe they all appeared in sight of his troops so he got the brunt of the monsters. Unfortunately for me the door to the barn was in the far side which allowed my opponent to nip in, kill the revenant and leg it. The animated scarecrow had a damage reduction of 8, which meant it was pretty much impervious to anything except fire which was a total bugger as neither of us had any!

I would like to say things degenerated into chaos, but I would be lying…it was chaos from turn one.

My supernatural investigator tried a mad dash to retrieve the artefact, but sadly the odds were against him and he couldn’t stop his opposite number legging it off the table.

After the battle my officer had to roll on the injuries table and relieved a permanent wound which reduced his health by one point. Joe had two put out of action but came through unscathed.

Tonight we tried scenario three and ended up hunting for a troll under a bridge!

It was a slow start with no-one wanting to get shot at, but eventually the bullets started to fly. The doctor was certainly busy on both sides of the table. My lady occultist actually managed to curse people and caused a number of Joe’s troops to lose -1 on all of their rolls.

Joe got to the bridge first and annoyed the troll… luckily all my chap’s were out of sight and the troll charged Joe’s investigator and swordswoman. Sadly for her she fell to the beast. The officer charged the troll only to find he forgot to light his burning torch before he charged and was splatted. Luckily the doctor was in range to revive him. More chaos ensued as eve everyone tried to either kill the troll or kill the people trying to kill the troll.

In the end the bloody investigator managed to leg it with another artefact. My shooting had him down to one wound, but the lucky sod escaped…. again!

In the end Joe had two downed troops and I managed to get away with light wounds. Both his officer and the swordswoman ended up with a permanent wound apiece. Both ended up with the jitters, this causes a -1 to their courage

We remembered a lot more of the rules this week, but forgot the -1 to shooting when you move and fire. We will get there in the end I am sure.

We had a good couple of games and are going to try and squeeze another one in on Friday.

5 thoughts on “Silver Bayonet 2 & 3

  1. As you could probably tell from my posts I love skirmish games. This one looks a corker. Mind you I will steer clear from it as I have plenty of other “stuff” to complete. Looking forward to hearing about Friday’s game.


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