Tonight Joe and I got a long awaited game in. As you can probably guess, we played our first game of The Silver Bayonet.

I went with the French and Joe chose the Spanish. We played the first Scenario named ‘The Investigation’. We set up the table as seen below.

My forces are in the bottom and Joe is to the top . The black markers are clues, Joe managed to reach two first. First was some oriole remains that had been gnawed upon.

Sadly his second proved to be a hobgoblin, which was hiding in the middle of the ruins and guess who he attacked….

Sadly my dice throws were a bit rusty. I got overcome by the privation of the scary monster. In the end we managed to throw three double ones and ended up attracting another hobgoblin and two revenenants.

It all got a bit brutal around my initial move location …I never managed to move away from it. In the end I managed to kill the swordsman and wound the hobgoblin…

Sadly my grenadier bought the farm. The doctor managed to revive one of my troopers, but in the end my officer charged to infantryman at the corner, failed to hit him and as he was already wounded he succumbed to a bayonet thrust to the lungs…

We decided to call it at that point. Joe was the winner as my troops decided to leg it when the officer went down. This would of course mean that he had to deal with the indestructible hobgoboin and a revenant. I reckon he was in with a good chance as he had already killed one of each. My Occultist managed to do more damage to herself than the spells did to her enemies… I told you my dice were naff! In my case it was more a case of ‘Carry on Screaming’ than ‘Van Helsing’!

It was a good first game, we did get some things wrong, but it didn’t stop the enjoyment.

One thing I did notice was that there was no easy find rule page, so we spent a lot of time to-ing and fro-ing through the book.

We are going to have another bash at the rules next Wednesday.

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