I didn’t get any painting done tonight as I decided to nip onto the console and have a quick play on Fallout 4… you can probably see where this is going!

Whilst going from point A to B I suddenly came across a whole area of the map I had never explored before. Therefore I just had go and check it out. This led to further wandering and exploring and before long it was bed time. The good or bad thing about painting miniatures (depending on your viewpoint) is that they are not going to disappear. They are still sitting there waiting for more paint.

This was my trip to work this morning…

The car struggled more than usual, so I checked the tyres. Somehow there are summer tyres on there. I always go for all weather ones as standard. It looks like at the last tyre change what I wanted isn’t on the car.

The snow is meant to be gone by tomorrow so I should be okay for a while.

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