Tonight I managedto get the two bases finished. I used any spares to replace some of the earlier casualties…

I will get the artillery undercoated tomorrow and see about getting as much done this weekend as I can.

I also cured the ironclad bases…

Here they areall perched on the bases. I will, cure the other two tomorrow and get these undercoated with the 6mm stuff.

Regarding the toothache, imanated to getan emergency appointment. I am pleased to say that they let me keep it. Most people who have gone to the dentist lately have had their teeth whipped out. My gob does fell like I have been slapped a few times, but at least I can speak without whimpering now. Evidently my u finished root canal work had decided to give up the ghost and create a bit of excitement…

4 thoughts on “Two more Bases Done…

  1. Now I can’t get twin tub washing machines out of my head! I like the pikemen! The ironclads I’m not so sure about, although they are nicely printed models. 🙂 I quite like the style of the Brigade models aeronefs myself!


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