Yes, tonight I worked on, and got finished, the next lot of pikes….

Which to be is a bit of a relief as I thought I was beginning to struggle with them after the PLA reel incident, I kind if lost motivation. Normally I would just go and do something else for a while but people have guessed a date so I fell it is July fair that I keep to some kind of schedule. I will get these based up tomorrow sometime, and hopefully undercoat some more.

Tonight we had a fun family game of Horrible Histories board/quiz game…

I thought I would give you a heads up to see my next Kickstarter…

I do have a bit of a caveat here that this is from my friends company, but I have asked him to fire me a small stl so that I can show you how things look printed…

And finally, I found a broom that didn’t have bright red, white, green or yellow bristles…

I would have preferred a tan colour, but this was all Lerwick could supply me with, that wasn’t one of the above colours.

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