Today I managed to brave the wind that kept blowing the sticks off my board and got into the relative calm of the pony shed. As expected, the force of the spray can knocked a few over and a few off the board entirely. I did manage to get them done eventually…

When this evening came I managed to do a couple of test strips to see how they looked and to be honest I think this idea works.

I threw Gryph Charger grey on as a base coat, then, whilst still wet, I threw on spot colours of my brightest red, blue and green.

I did a bright colour test for one of the flag blocks, but to be honest, I think I will stick to the method above.

I had intended to get these plonked in behind the metals, but unfortunately, with the weather closing in – we are due force ten winds and heavy rain, we decided to get our old pony into the shed, which happened to be full of junk.

I will get the feathers and spear points painted tomorrow and then do a test shot to see what I think.

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