Well this evening has been ‘one of those’ ones, well pretty much today has. We woke up to a power cut, but on closer  inspection it turned out something had tripped the RCD. The power to half the house sockets was off. This included the Internet. I get to work to find my teacher couldn’t come in today,  she had let me know yesterday  that she wasn’t feeling too good.

I covered for her, so didn’t get my report for this evening’s parents meeting done. I came back home and checked behind all of the face plates on the sockets, in case a wire had come adrift or had become exposed, but nope, nothing.  I have removed all the plugs just in case, but nope it still keeps tripping. I am at a loss and will have to get someone in.

MS Teams decided to play silly buggers and wouldn’t let me in… I had go use my personal email address to join. Managing to get in 30 seconds before it started, still without a report. When I say without a report, I had things to say but normally have it written so that my admin doesn’t have to make notes.

A two hour meeting  took place with me in the dark and cold,using a 15m extension spool from the kitchen to allow the Internet to work.

So quite frankly I am not in the mood, not to mention that my painting table has no lights on it.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Achieved

  1. Sorry to hear about your mishaps, but you have achieved something, Steve – you’ve kept up your posting schedule, so that’s got to be worth it! 🙂 Another plus is that all those 2mm and 6mm figures are so small you’ll never see them in semi-darkness so won’t have to worry about how many hundred/thousand/million** there are of them to paint! Hope you get the electrics sorted – for some reason our toaster occasionally trips the circuit breaker (so maybe it’s a Cylon after all)!

    ** delete the numbers that cause you most concern

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