I have had a bit of an easy day today. I nipped into town to get my new book that the book shop had ordered in for me…

When I was a kid my parents got me a subscription to Look and Learn. The one main thing I can remember about it was the Trigan Empire. That and somewhat spurious articles. So when the kids and I were in the book shop last week I saw volumes two and three so just had tofrt the first one.

I managed to get the cavalry put knto bases and some sa d put on for texture… now this is where I almost had a mishap. I was cooking dinner in the oven and the pva wasn’t dry and I wanted it to be… can you guess where this is going?

So I popped them and their Cork tile on a tray in the ovenfor a couple of minutes…yeah right…about twenty minutes later I looked to see if the PVA was dry and realised to my horror that they were still in the oven…. luckily everything survived the process…

Here they are after their spell at gas mark 8. There were a couple of big bubbles of something, either superglue or basing glue, but a poke with a nail flattened them out. I will try and get the whole lot sprayed tomorrow morning.

8 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes at Gas Mark 8 & New Reading Material

  1. A lucky escape, but all looks fine! 🙂 Good choice in books – I’ve got Volumes 1, 2 and 3! I wanted to keep them all to one side and wait for Volume 4 (which I think is the final one) but haven’t seen any news about that yet.


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