Today I got the metals undercoated ready to start painting.

The wind and rain stopped long enough to throw some white undercoat onto them. To be honest that was all I could be bothered to do, but I put District 9 on Netflix and made a start on the Landskecht….

Still along way to go, but a start is indeed a start. These will get a dark wash over them, or at least the armour.

So when do you think I am going to get the whole lot finished…let’s have a little sweep stake… closest gets a little prize. So for full disclosure, it will likely be 3D printed. In case you missed it… this is half the infantry…

So get your thinking caps on, how long will it take Stephen (the painting butterfly who flits from project to project) to get his 6mm Italian Wars army finished. The only thing not visible in the two photographs above is a couple of artillery pieces and crew.

I will have to do a bit of a diversion to paint up my 28mm Imperials for a game sometime in October, I hope it isn’t September!

If you recall, I decided to blast through the rear ranks by sort of just doing them simply to speed up the process.

If you want to join in add your finishing date in a reply. I am happy to answer any questions before you decide on a date.

9 thoughts on “Making a Start

  1. OK you said I could ask any question…so what date will you have these finished?

    Just kidding, I’ll go November 4th (as you’ll want them done before you take the kids to a Firework display, I’m guessing). 😁

    Best of luck with these anyway mate!

    Cheers Roger.

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