Well I have decided to have a night off, as I am starting to feel a bit bleurgh. I think I have caught my daughter’s cold. I really hope not as she was floored for a week with hers. Luckily my lateral flow rest has come back negative.

I got the Aliens off the build plate and they are rather nice…

As it was very sunny here today I shoved them on the Windowsill to get some natural curing done.

I was thinking of spraying mine gun metal and then using the black Contrast Paint oder the top. Won’t that can happen is that it doesn’t work. If that is the case I will spray then black and highlight by dry brushing with blue.

If I do perk up then I am going to get some more done on my pikes…mi have got about a month before I need my army for our big Lion Rampant game.

9 thoughts on “Unclean, Unclean

  1. I’m with Tubal, they look like Aliens but not, the hands and feet are wrong too.

    Really nice figures but not for the purest I think, though looking at the link you posted the other day close enough for a desist notice I would have thought if they aren’t official. hmmmm. 😕

    Feel better soon mate.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. As you and Tubal say, Alienesque is a better way to put it. I would agree, it stops Fox … or Disney, or whoever owns the rights jumping up and down in them…PRODOS did their kickstarter and got hammered as they didn’t get permission… some people never did get their AvP game. Thankfully I am not a purest in terms of film Canon… the Aliens ‘evolved’ throughout the franchise, so mine will be a new sub species…right alongside the originals. I would definitely say not official. This may be one kickstarter that I don’t receive.

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