This evening I got some more done in the light cavalry and slingers and pretty much got them finished…

I also worked a bit more on the 6mm ruins, got some green mould lines on them and also worked out a bit of an idea re a base for them…

The above is some of the pieces, there will be a second smaller one too. Now to be honest, I am contemplating using some modelling compound to build things up a bit. Embed the ruins in rather than have them sitting in the top of a ‘billiard table’ base.

My musings today were around the 6mm Italian wars. Now if you remember I had a bit of s wobble about price versus Aesthetics a while ago… the one that sent me down the hunt for some rear rankers to reduce the cost… you can see my ramblings Here . So after much deliberating I came to this conclusion…

Irregular Miniatures in the front rank and shrunk and printed ones in the rear ranks.

So today, when we released the kittens I needed something to do whilst they were tearing around the lounge…

The kittens are in the crate in he background… as they were feral they were scared so we gave them time in safety to get more used tomus and the dog. I reckon if we just had the one in the foreground (Gizmo) then she would have been out a while ago, but Pixel, in the background was extremely nervy, so we gave them the time they needed.

So, for something to do I decided to tidy up my painting station and I came across some smaller bases and, as you do, I started fiddling…

It got me thinking, do I need to have the miniatures covering the whole base as in the case of the right hand unit, or could I go for something smaller to base them on. This reduces the ranks to three. Now the one thing I couldn’t find straight off were the irregular miniatures to try them on the front rank. I will have a ponder at this problem tomorrow with them in situ in the front.

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