So I am back with the 2mm again. I have done a lot of slicing today. More Celts, Romans and now Hoplites.

In the past I have sliced various things together like celtic chariots and Roman cavalry. This time I have gone for factions… I did eighteen blocks of hoplites, a mix of celtic infantry and cavalry and then a whole host of Roman troops. This should make things easier to organise when I need more of a certain faction.

I also made a start on my small hill fort…

The chieftain Vitalstatistix surveys his home to be. If this works as a proof of concept then I will make a much bigger one.

And finally I got on with some painting…

Now I know the early Romans weren’t in a uniform, it makes painting them a lot easier. Once dry I will pick out other colours for the tunics. Each legion will have different coloured shields.

Well I am back to work tomorrow, I have managed to get a whole load of things done here. Today I put a new socket in, earlier in the week I got the dishwasher plumbed in. So I am heading back to work for a rest.

Hopefully we are gaming here tomorrow evening. So there might not be much painting happening.

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