Today I sprayed the bases I did yesterday with watered down PVA and this evening got on with painting them. Three repainting later and I am still not happy with them…

The first colour was too dark,the second,mint green and we are now back to a different version of ‘too dark’. I will get them dry brushed tomorrow and see if that helps.

The brown base in the front is going to be a hill fort or something similar.

Now if you remember absolutely ages ago I printed some triremes etc… they don’t look to bad next to the 2mm stuff.

6 thoughts on “Repainting Take Three

  1. For terrain it takes me ages to settle on a colour too. Got quite into mottling the colours with a sponge these days. Try adding a bit of yellow to the original colour as it could stop it looking too pale…?

    They do look good though.



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