Today, was the day I tackled converting the old stable roof into a polycarbonate roof, to complete the conversion into a greenhouse. My estimate of a couple of hours was ay off. Seven hours later I got the thing finished. I had made sure that the original roof was not going to fly off in the gales, this meant it was an absolute swine to get off when I wanted it to do so. Anyway I did manage to get some bits and bobs done this evening too…

First off I got my next lot of 2mm sprayed…

A mix of Romans and cells, not to mention a 6mm wagon and 15mm Mahdist.

I also slapped some paint on this lot…

The bases in front are for the 2mm stuff. The malker Irregular ones for woods and the larger for a hill. I still had my bag of vivarium sand from when I had the lizard so I decided to give that a test run.

And finally after what seems like weeks (it probably is) I eventually got some basing material on the fanatics…

I am heading off into work tomorrow to meet my new teacher and get some stuff sorted it ready for next Wednesday.

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