So years and years and years ago I ran a warrants club in the school for the kids. One of the games I ran was good old GorkaMorka. I deliberately chose games where the kids didn’t have to buy a lot of miniatures, so Mordheim, Space Hulk, Necromunda etc. Although I don’t do 40k at all as have no interest in big battles, the a one worked for me. Upon saying that I really have no interest in Necromunda now… not sure why, maybe that ship has sailed.

Anyway back to GorkaMorka. ArgentBadger had put a post up about their order buggies and it reminded me of the funs we had playing good old GM. I have two remaining minis from when we played. These ever saw paint and to be honest, we’re probably hiding when the rest got sold prior to moving to Shetland… so here they are… the survivors of the Skid!

In typical GW style of the time they pulled all of the games I actually enjoyed playing. The bases on these irks were tiny so that they could fit in the trucks. I am actually now having to fight the urge to go and look on Ebay to see if I can get any more. Actually yesterday I was in a a second hand book shop and found a whole pile of old GW army books.. somehow I ended up with a wood elf one for £8… not quite sure how that happened! Probably my belief during lockdown shopping…of I touch it then it goes in the basket.

Anyway back to the truck… it might have a new purpose…


Actually the bears are going to their new home today. I will send the monster things off next time I am passing on my way to work… tonight more Painting, I am on a roll…I hope

3 thoughts on “GorkaMorka…

  1. Brilliant, thanks for sharing this. I vaguely recall that GorkaMorka had a rule where you could pile as many riders as you liked on a vehicle, but if the minis fell off while physically moving it around the table they were treated as having fallen off in the game and damage was rolled for.

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    1. That was indeed a rule… along with Da Big Red Button…this was a speed boost, with a random number of moves as an ork would never just press it once… I once went straight across the table and off the other side.


  2. I heard about those rules from the guy who taught me to play 40K. He had a whole bunch of those little trucks and they looked pretty cute to my then uneducated and unwary eye, until like eight of them crashed into my lines and all hell broke loose!

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