Well this evening I actually managed to paint some things. First off the cart is just about finished…

In the background you can see the camp followers as well as the gear in the cart. I will have to get them all painted soon.

I also managed to get the Samurai teppo just about finished too…

I also got the 20 hour printout the bed too, I am in the process of a 22 hour ruin now… they go on top of this one…

It would have e been further on to be honest, but I had to move a socket in my wife’s office as she had asked if I old build in a sofa using a large cushion thatshehD been given. The socket needed dropping 20 cm but, in turni g off the power I buggered up the next print. Talking of wierd prints.. I was printing a purple of big monster bears to go with this lot…

It didn’t print properly and I thought it was due to running g iutkf resin, but nope, the weapons printed fully and they were above the head…totally weird.

And finally I got a good bargain at the charity shop today…

Not bad for £3.50.

Tomorrow I am heading into school to clear one of the upstairs store rooms as I am converting it into an office for council staff to use.

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